The new standard
in bone densitometry
Optimized, targeted treatment selection and accurate monitoring of response
DXA is the gold standard in bone density assessment and is used by clinicians globally to assess and monitor their patients’ bone health. DXA provides a two-dimensional assessment of bone density, known as areal BMD (aBMD). This 2D representation of a 3D structure limits a clinician's ability to understand, assess and treat their patients bone disease. DXA alone cannot provide clinicians with a full picture of bone health, missing vital information on the status of the cortical and trabecular bone.
A streamlined, all-in-one solution for your DXA device
But what if you could bring 3D to DXA? What if you could identify the specific status of your patients cortical and trabecular bone, all from the same 2D DXA scan? Well now you can with 3D-Shaper® technology. By providing a 3D analysis, 3D-Shaper® overcomes the limitations of traditional DXA based assessment, supporting clinicians to better understand, treat and monitor their patients bone health.

With 3D-Shaper®, you can obtain a patient-specific 3D QCT-like analysis from a standard 2D DXA image, with no extra radiation, long scan time, or hefty price tag.
How can 3D-SHAPER® help you?
Support treatment selection
Understanding how medications impact bone health helps you prescribe a treatment best suited to your patients' needs
Provide the full picture of bone health
Identify a specific target for treatment prescription, justify decision making with quantifiable metrics, and accurately monitor change over time
How it works

Easily integrated into clinical workflow
No additional scan time or radiation dose

The Technology

DXA is the globally accepted gold standard technique used for the management and monitoring of primary and secondary osteoporosis. 3D-SHAPER® is a stand-alone medical software that uses a model-based algorithm to register a statistical shape and density model onto the hip dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) scans of the patient.
In doing so, 3D-SHAPER® provides clinicians with advanced characterization of the cortical and trabecular macrostructure in 3D from routine hip DXA scans.


A multicenter clinical study was performed to compare 3D-SHAPER® with Quantitative Computed Tomography (QCT) analyses. Strong correlations were found between measurements performed using the two techniques [1].


Visualize the femoral shape and density in 3D

Measure the cortical surface density

Measure the volumetric trabecular density

Compare measurements with normative data

Monitor cortical and trabecular bone measurements

Regulatory information

3D-SHAPER® may vary in features and capabilities in the USA.

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