The detail of QCT,
the efficiency
of DXA.
Optimizing trials with advanced, customized post-processing services
DXA is the accurate, low cost and minimal radiation dose modality that enables clinical trials to recruit large numbers of patients and perform multiple follow-up scans in a short time frame, collecting vast quantities of data to understand a drugs mechanism of action and provide critical evidence of its safety and efficacy in relation to bone health.

But despite its many advantages, DXA is also very limited as it only provides a two-dimensional assessment of bone density, restricting the ability to fully understand bone health by lacking critical information on the status and response of the cortical and trabecular bone compartments. The alternative, Quantitative Computed Tomography (QCT), can help answer these otherwise unexplorable questions. But this too has its limitations. QCT is a high-cost, high-radiation dose imaging modality making a trial more expensive, harder to approve, and limited in regards to the number of patients and data points that can be obtained.

Maximize data insights while minimizing costs
But what if you could obtain a QCT-like data from a routine DXA scan? Well now you can with 3D-Shaper® as a Service (SaaS), the innovative software solution that bridges the gap between DXA and QCT-based assessments by providing a patient-specific 3D QCT-like analysis from a standard 2D DXA image. That means more patients, more time points and easier IRBs - all for a fraction of the cost.

Services we offer
3D-Shaper® SaaS: Core Analysis
Explore up to 71 bone parameters with in-depth 3D image analysis
  • • 71 bone parameters
  • • 4 regions of interest at the femur
  • • Hip structure (CSA, CSMI, Z, Buckling Ratio)
  • • Retrospective data analysis capabilities
  • Easy-read spreadsheet, ready for statistics.
  • 3D-Shaper® SaaS: Advanced Analysis
    Highlight average change with detailed 3D visualizations
    3D-Shaper® SaaS: Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
    Simulate bone strength with the latest innovation - FEA from DXA
    * For investigational use only