Journal papers

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Galgo Medical
Predictive Software for Safer Treatment

Galgo develops 3D medical image post-processing software solutions to add predictive value to personalized treatment strategies. Each patient is different and requires tailored treatment: personalized medication, surgical implants and interventional strategies. The increasing availability of high-quality patient images enables Galgo's algorithms and software to extract key clinical information to support clinical decision-making and planning and guidance of interventional procedures.

Galgo has focused on four medical disciplines:

Intra-cranial aneurysms, to plan, for each patient, the endovascular treatment with braided devices.

Epilepsy, to tailor the implantation of deep electrodes using complex 3D multimodal data.

Arrhythmias, to identify the arrhythmic substrate and to plan catheter ablation procedures from cardiac MRI.

Osteoporosis, to improve disease management by turning DXA images into 3D patient-specific models.

iso 13485
Galgo Medical SL has been certified by BSI to ISO 13485:2012 under certificate number MD 656038.